Cameron had been begging me to bring him to see everyone at Adventure Center.
He was thrilled to see his extended family and home away from home again!
As usual and expected, it was kind of hard to tear him away when it was time to leave, but as we were walking to the car, he looked at me, and said so very seriously, "They really love me!"
I think that speaks volumes about the teachers and staff at Adventure Center. Feeling loved, safe, and accepted is the platform for growing and learning You've all helped us build that and have a huge impact on his life.

         ~ Cameron's grandma (8 months after he graduated and moved on to "big kid school")
The staff is experienced and well trained. The play/choice preschool room was perfect for Hunter.
He learned a lot with the choices provided.
The kindergarten room provided him with lots of individual attention.

          ~Hunter's mom

 The constant quality among staff was great!

          ~Patrick and Julia's mom

We have enjoyed all of our many years at Adventure Center. You always get a warm welcome and the foundation for learning they have given my children is indescribable.

          ~Abby's and Jordan's parents
Whenever I have had a question or needed help with something, it is always handled quickly and professionally with the utmost concern for my child.
Time and time again you prove the drive time and them money we put in are completely worth it. 

          ~Zoe's mom